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is the northernmost part of Møre og Romsdal. The center is Kristiansund.

Kristiansund is a well-regulated city at the far end of the sea, which since 1992 has been linked to the mainland through a modern tunnel and bridge system. Other important centers in the district that can be mentioned are the towns on the west side of Smøla, Aure, Engan, Surnadalsøra, Sunndalsøra, Tingvoll, Eide and Batnfjordsøra.

Nordmøre and Gjemnes municipality in which Angvika is located have good road connections to the rest of Møre and Romsdal and the rest of the country. A road is not always just a road, and many of the roads in Nordmøre are an experience in themselves.

The islands by the sea are flat, but the landscape quickly varies to impressive heights, such as Sunndalsfjella.

Known targets for rock climbers and hikers are Litledalen, Innerdalen and Trollheimen.

For the more culturally interested there are several museums, village collections, interesting church buildings etc. A trip to the depopulated island community Grip is recommended.

is the name both in the district around the Romsdalsfjord and on the valley which runs southeast from Åndalsnes. The district's main center is Molde, "the city of roses", known for its Jazz Festival, and for its panoramic views of the mountain ranges on the south side of the fjord.

Some of the other sights are: Bjørnsons childhood home in Eidsvåg, the medieval church at Veøy, the island community Ona, the fishing village Bjørnsund, the limestone caves in Fræna and Molde's cultural offerings.

Other major places in Romsdalen are the towns of Tresfjord / Vestnes, Tomrefjord, Midsund, Aukra, Bud, Elnesvågen, Eidsvåg, Eresfjord and Isfjorden.

Driving down Romsdalen in either a car or by train is an unforgettable experience. Especially in the spring in the snow melt, nature wakes up with its fresh colors. From the steep mountainsides the waterfalls descend hundreds of meters down to the valley floor. Romsdal is the climbing paradise in Norway, and anyone who sees the amazing Troll wall wonders that anyone dares to climb in it. There was an Englishman, Slingsby, who started climbing here after the Alps became too light and popular.

Trollstigveien road towards Valldal and Ålesund on Sunnmøre is also one of the districts' main attractions, this is not a road for people with altitude of terror, but provides an experience for life.

Outdoor activities such as fjord fishing, freshwater fishing, river fishing for salmon and trout or mountain hiking are very popular in Møre og Romsdal, and conditions are well arranged for this in the county.


Møre og Romsdal is an exciting holiday county. The county extends from the Atlantic to huge mountain ranges. The mountains rise up from the fjords, giving it thousands of tourists from all over the world to see; wild and exciting western nature.

Here you will find some of Norway's most visited nature attractions: Geirangerfjord, Trollstigen, Trollveggen, Eikesdalen, Innerdalen, Runde, Bjørnsund, Atlantic Road and many more.

In the apartments in Angvik we have created a folder with supplementary information, maps, brochures, ferry routes, etc. We have taken pride in presenting Møre and Romsdal from their right, magnificent side, so that you as a guest can spend your time visiting sights, do not plan your trips there.

In three languages we have described approx. 40 different destinations from the apartments. Here we talk about sights on the way to the main attraction, travel time, and alternatives to not having to drive the same way back. Everything within easy reach by car.


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